10 questions patients should ask about Colonoscopy


Dr Douglas Rex, a professor from the Indiana School of Medicine, suggests that there are 10 key questions that all patients should ask their GP or Gastroenterologist before undertaking a colonoscopy procedure. These 10 questions are listed below. It may be helpful for you to work through these questions with any patients that you are referring to an endoscopy service for a colonoscopy procedure:
1. Why is effective bowel preparation important?
2. How can I maximise my chance of an effective bowel preparation?
3. Are there certain medications that I should stop taking before a colonoscopy?
4. Are all colonoscopists equally effective at finding polyps and cancers during a colonoscopy?
5. How can I be sure that my colonoscopist will do a careful examination?
6. How can I reduce the risk of a complication during my colonoscopy?
7. Should I try a colonoscopy without sedation?
8. If I undergo a sedation, should this be given by an anesthesiologist?
9. Do all colonoscopists follow the same rules to determine when my colonoscopy should be repeated?
10. What are the complications associated with colonoscopies?