Prime Endoscopy Bristol Diagnostic solutions


Prime Endoscopy Bristol was established by local GPs in 2010 to provide diagnostic endoscopy services and gastroenterology clinics in a community setting.

Prime Endoscopy Bristol is a wholly owned subsidiary of InHealth Group Limited, a private company which has been working with the NHS for over 20 years. Last year InHealth saw more than 800,000 patients.

It is recognised that patients like being treated in a community setting (avoiding hospital visits). We are also aware that GPs appreciate a ‘one stop’ service that includes a management plan for the patient on discharge

At Prime Endoscopy Bristol we offer all endoscopy services. Patients who come to Prime Endoscopy Bristol will receive a quality, caring service which includes knowing exactly what happens next at each stage of their journey.

At Prime Endoscopy Bristol we are passionate about ensuring the patient experience is the best possible. We demonstrate this by offering, for example, trans nasal endoscopy wherever possible. This is a more comfortable way of carrying out the procedure, negates the need for sedation, gives the patient a much quicker recovery and is proven to give better outcomes.

Prime Endoscopy Bristol is committed to delivering high quality clinical care, innovation and cost effectiveness to Commissioners. We are leading in the use of new technology and can provide efficient patient pathways with innovation and service redesign opportunities being key to the ongoing vision of Prime Endoscopy Bristol.