Changes to the JAG Accreditation Scheme


JAG is the Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy, the body currently provides accreditation for endoscopists to ensure that there are high standards of quality, patient care and safety.
Accreditation also provides access to data that can be used for local leverage, as well as providing information for commissioners and service leads. Ultimately JAG Accreditation helps to enhance
efficiency, promote the maintenance of quality and excellence and facilitates the sharing of best practice.

New changes announced yesterday will mean that from 2012 the world of endoscopy will see the current Global Rating Scale (GRS) and JAG Accreditation schemes being merged together into a seamless Endoscopy Accreditation Pathway. The new scheme will provide a programme of support along the
accreditation pathway, with a single point of entry for endoscopy services. It will include:

• A new integrated website: JAG visits web tool incorporating GRS, KMS, and annual upload of KPIs

• A new requirement for annual maintenance of accreditation: promoting sustained high quality standards and preparing units for the five-yearly accreditation visits

• A new annual subscription fee to replace the one-off visit fee. Units will need to ensure this is in their annual budgets from 2012 onwards. (Units accredited in 2010 and 2011 will not be charged their first annual fee until 2013)

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