CQC update their online Care Directory


The Care Quality Commission is updating the care directory on their website with the full registration details for adult social care and independent healthcare providers.

Full information for around 90% of these providers has now been included in the first update and is visible to the general public and to GPs and other referring bodies. The CQC will continue to update the directory on a regular basis going forward.

The care directory updates are taking place to ensure that the following information is included for adult social care and independent healthcare providers:

– The full list of regulated activities that an organisation is registered to provide.
– Any compliance conditions associated with those regulated activities.
– Details of the organisation’s registered manager(s).

The details for Prime Diagnostics Limited have now been added to this care directory. The care directory correctly reflects the fact that Prime Diagnostics Limited is fully licensed to provide diagnostic treatments in a number of locations across the country.

Prime Diagnostics Limited can provide a local community-based endoscopy service for your patients. Visit our website or speak to one of our clinicians to find out more.