Endoscopy provided for poor little penguin!


An Antarctic penguin which ended up stranded and eating sand on a New Zealand beach is recovering after having had an endoscopy!
Officials have said that it could be months before the young emperor penguin recovers from his treatment.
Experts guided a camera on a tube through the penguin’s swollen intestines and flushed its stomach to remove the swallowed sand, which it had apparently mistaken for snow, (penguins ordinarily eat snow to hydrate themselves).
Wellington Zoo spokeswoman Kate Baker said the penguin is now dining on fish slurry.
The bird arrived on Peka Peka Beach, about 40 miles north-west of Wellington last Monday, the first time in 44 years that an emperor penguin has been spotted in the wild in New Zealand.
To ensure the health of its newest star, the zoo brought in Wellington Hospital specialist John Wyeth – who usually only operates only on humans – to help with the endoscopy procedure, New Zealand Press Association reported.
What’s next for this little fella still remains to be agreed. Conservative official Mr Simpson said he is meeting penguin experts at the zoo on Wednesday to consider options. He said it is not simply a matter of putting the penguin back into the ocean off New Zealand’s coast.
“There’s no great rush to decide,” he said. “The Penguin will most likely need more medical work over the next three months.”