October GRS Census


Despite the unusual bout of warm weather we have sneaked into the month of October, which means the Global Rating Scale (GRS) census is now open for units to complete their assessments.
The GRS is a tool that enables units to assess how well they provide a patient-centred service. It is a web-based assessment tool that makes a series of statements requiring a yes or no answer. From the answers it automatically calculates the GRS scores, which provides a summary view of your service. The scale tries to strike a balance between being comprehensive but not too complicated. To achieve this, the scale has different layers:

  • Dimensions
  • Items
  • Descriptors or levels
  • Measures

The GRS census has 2 deadlines each year, the end of April and the end of October, and this year’s Autumn deadline is the 28th October 2011.

JAG and the GRS website are strongly recommending that endoscopy units complete the new productivity and planning tool before completing their GRS assessment.

For more information about GRS visit www.grs.nhs.uk