Recent advances in capsule endoscopy


The US Medscape website has published a paper that looks at the recent advances and new insights into PillCam Colon Capsule Endoscopy. The full paper can be found at, but we’ve provided a little sneaky peek of the paper’s abstract here.

“Capsule endoscopy for the colon was introduced to allow an alternative screening method to the invasive classic colonoscopy. The results of initial studies have shown inferior detection rates of colonic polyps by the colon capsule. In this paper we [the authors] aim to review and summarize the recent advances in wireless capsule endoscopy of the colon. Publications regarding the use of colon capsule with new technology, as well as personal experience, were reviewed. Since the introduction of the first generation of the colon capsule, many improvements have been made to create a better capsule endoscope. These include a wider angle of view, a faster adaptable frame rate and a new data recorder which is able to control the capsule activity during the transit through the bowel. Recent studies show these improvements had a direct effect on the colon capsule performance, leading to a better diagnostic yield. Recent advancements in the technology of the wireless colon capsule endoscope offer the option to screen patients for colonic polyps noninvasively. Colon capsule endoscopy may become relevant for assessment of extent of inflammatory bowel disease.”

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