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  • wales

    Bowel Screening Extension in Wales

    Over the next two months, bowel cancer screening in Wales will be extended to include people in their seventies. The extension marks the first of its kind to be implemented on the nationwide service since it was introduced in 2008, with plans afoot to drop the screening age to include those in their fifties. People […]

  • uk_map

    UK Bowel Cancer Figures

    It has recently been reported that, compared to England, Wales is significantly behind when it comes to tackling bowel cancer, with more than 18 people per 100,000 dying each year from the disease in Wales, compared to 17 in England. The difference between the two figures is compounded by the fact that more people are […]

  • people

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Still Low

    The BBC today reported that awareness about bowel cancer is still “stubbornly low” – despite it being the second biggest cause of cancer deaths in the UK. The findings came from a survey carried out by Cancer Research UK which demonstrated that many people did not know that lifestyle factors such as diet, weight and […]