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  • wales

    Bowel Screening Extension in Wales

    Over the next two months, bowel cancer screening in Wales will be extended to include people in their seventies. The extension marks the first of its kind to be implemented on the nationwide service since it was introduced in 2008, with plans afoot to drop the screening age to include those in their fifties. People […]

  • wait

    NHS Not Meeting Recommended Waiting Times

    Last week it was reported that an increasing number of patients are not receiving diagnostic tests within the NHS’s recommended waiting times. The tests, which include x-rays, ultrasounds, colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies, amongst others, are all aimed at detecting disease, disorder and injury, and if not carried out swiftly could  significantly impact on the patient’s prognosis. […]

  • surveillance

    Changes to IBD Surveillance Guidelines

    Following the changes implemented last year with respect to colitis surveillance, the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) has issued new guidance on the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Surveillance for ulcerative and crohn’s colitis used to work on the basis that the longer you had the condition, the greater the risk of cancer and […]

  • frequency

    Bowel Prep Quality May Affect Surveillance Intervals

    Following screening for colon cancer, those individuals found to have colon polyps may receive post-polypectomy surveillance, with multiple colonoscopy examinations carried out over time. Decisions regarding the surveillance interval are based in part on polyp size, histology, and number. Dr David Ransohoff and colleagues in the USA, evaluated a number of recommendations for post-polypectomy surveillance. […]

  • balloons

    1000 Procedures!

    Since the launch of our community endoscopy service in September 2010, Prime Endoscopy Bristol has carried out endoscopies on hundreds of patients, and we are soon to complete our 1000th procedure. Our service based at Westbury on Trym Primary Care centre currently carries out gastroscopies, colonoscopies and flexible sigmoidoscopies on the individuals referred to us, […]