Transnasal Endoscopy – Live Demonstration


Prime Endoscopy Bristol is set to deliver a live demonstration of a transnasal endoscopy procedure in early November 2011. The procedure, allows for a more comfortable, sedation free endoscopy experience.
The demonstration will be carried out in front of a number of local GPs so that they are aware of the procedure and its benefits, which will in turn ensure that they can inform their patients about the process and about the local service that they can access. In addition to the live demonstration a consultant gastroenterologist will be providing an informative session, with GPs given the opportunity to ask questions concerning all endoscopy and gastroenterology related matters.

Transnasal endoscopy (TNE) is a relatively new kind of endoscopy whereby, following the administration of a local anaesthetic spray into the nasal passages, an ultra-thin endoscope is passed via the nose, rather than the mouth, into the stomach.

This type of endoscopy procedure is becoming more and more common due to the fact that it holds a number of advantages including:

– Patients not needing to be accompanied for the test

– Patients not requiring sedation

– No gagging or retching as found in the traditional gastroscopy procedure

– Quick recovery time

– Patients can return to work straight away

– Driving a car, operating machinery and drinking alcohol are all allowed after the test

Prime Endoscopy Bristol hope that their informative session will ultimately improve patient awareness of these and other benefits of transnasal endoscopy.