Welcome to Prime Endoscopy Bristol

We are a leading provider of GP led NHS gastroenterology services.

We believe in early diagnosis and treatment.

We were the first provider to offer transnasal gastroscopy in the UK.


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Prime Endoscopy Bristol provides GP led, accessible and cost effective NHS gastroenterology services to the local communities of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

We provide our patients with the best possible experience before, during and after their procedure and ensure that every patient receives a test quickly, delivered to the highest standards of care.

  • Opening Times

    Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

  • Colonoscopy

    An average of 20 waiting days for Colonoscopy appointments

  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

    An average of 22 waiting days for Flexible Sigmoidoscopy appointments

  • Gastroscopy

    An average of 22 waiting days for Gastroscopy appointments


patient satisfaction

We work continuously to deliver the best patient care we can.  We were the first to introduce transnasal gastroscopy so that patients don’t have to be sedated for their test, making it a safe and more comfortable experience.