Bowel Cancer Scoping

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme helps to detect bowel cancer at an early stage and Prime Endoscopy Bristol became a bowel cancer screening centre for the new bowel scope test in 2014.  Bowel scoping examines the left side of the bowel only – a procedure known as Flexible Sigmoidoscopy.

The symptoms of bowel cancer can be subtle but may include a combination of symptoms such as persistent change in bowel habits, blood in the stools without piles making this less likely to be a symptom of haemorrhoids and abdominal pain, bloating or discomfort brought on by eating, resulting in weightloss.  About 1 in 20 people will get bowel cancer during their lifetime.  Screening can help detect bowel cancer at an early state, when it is easier to treat.

Bowel cancer can stop you passing through the bowel – known as bowel obstruction.  This is indicated by intermittent, sometimes severe abdominal pain brought on by eating, unexplained weight loss with persistent abdominal pain, or constant swelling of the tummy with pain or vomiting.  To have an accurate bowel cancer scope your rectum and lower bowel must be empty and you will receive bowel preparation advice before your appointment.